BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I know, the silence is deafening ...

Haven't had anything to particularly report ... I was "stuck" all weekend on my Case Study (again) ... although The Wife would probably attribute my lack of progress to having watched all or significant portions of four NFL Playoff games over the weekend. Yesterday I sat down with the instructor and we sort of worked out my problems on this. Not that I'm any closer to being done, but I think I'm "unstuck" (contrary to my typical situation, I was locked into looking "at the weave" and not "at the fibers", and I was finding no "point of entry" to get working on this ... so what he did was basically "unravel" the current block of the project for me into its bits and pieces, which gave me a list of "small things" to work on).

I was hoping to have had significant portions of this done today, but I've been running on such little sleep that it caught up to me last night ... every time I sat down to work on something I was out before the program I was intending to use loaded! At least I got about 6-7 hours of sleep last night (which is about twice what I've been getting). Only 10 days to go before I'm out of here ... and one thing I'm really looking forward to is to get to SLEEP IN for at least a few days (of course, I'm also HOPING to have JOB before too long ... so getting caught up on my sleep during that last week in January would work out just fine!).

One sad thing to note ... despite (or perhaps because) having the tank cleaned this weekend, our last goldfish, Dorothy (named after Elmo's goldfish), expired yesterday. She had been in iffy shape since before Thanksgiving (she'd sort of lost her equilibrium and spent most of her time swimming face-down/tail-up), and I guess the shock of clean water was too much for her. The Wife has been rooting for Dorothy to die for a long time (The Wife does not have great entusiasm for anything which creates messes ... which has me and The Girls constantly watching our backs) and so there is a little thought in the back of my mind that Dorothy might have been helped along to "the great tank beyond" by something added to the newly-clean water along with her fish flakes. Oh, well ... extracting Dorothy from the tank (unlike when Fred or Goldie died, Dorothy is not floating on the top of the tank, but down at the bottom) is on my "to-do" list for today, possibly followed by a "final" draining of the tank (The Wife has indicated an extreme preference of "no more fish" once the fish population reduced itself to zero).

Oh, yeah ... I know you're just itching to ask ... I'm probably not going to get around to typing up any of the 43-and-counting poems scrawled into my little notebook until this Case Study / Presentation thing is over. I know, it's hard to wait ... but hopefully once I'm out of here I'll be able to throw some attention that way.

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