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Wow ... all sorts of domains coming due for renewal this month ... bummer! I should probably move all the regular ones over to Hostica (where it costs $10/year) and away from Network Solutions and I renewed my three Tongan domains today (at $50 a pop!) ... I really need to get them set up over at Hostica so that they'll "show up" and maybe somebody will try to buy them from me ... they're:

Needless to say, there is some porn site out there that REALLY needs to buy that last one! While I was over at today I was checking out their WhoIs and found a dozen good names still available. If I "had money" I'd go grab some of the things I was putting through there and finding available.

I have one "really good" .com name coming due in the next couple of weeks ... so I should probably see what it would take to shift registrars from Network Solutions to Hostica. I had a couple of my Hostica ones expire (I think), but I wasn't using them ... I should probably still be able to pick them up since I haven't had a "final notification" on them going bye-bye yet. Blah, blah, blah ... like anybody cares about the "bookkeeping" minutia of my life.

I would, ideally, like to set up "communities" ala the old Geocities thing with and ... rent out subdirectories for these for depressed goths and religious loonies, respectively. has similar obvious possibilities, but I don't know if I have the "right stuff" for running a porn site myself!

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