BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

R.I.P. "Birds Of Prey"

Dang! I just hate it when I find a show I like and they shoot it down before they get to unroll some of the more complicated story lines! I really liked Birds Of Prey on the WB, but it only lasted one season. What's wrong with America? Can't find an audience for hot babes with superpowers in leather & spandex? Hell ... they should have bought promo time on the football games, I can't be the ONLY "40-something" male who thought that Ashley Scott was worth some "quality TV time" every week!

(sigh) ... I'm going to miss that show! At least they moved Angel in to take its spot ... I hadn't seen that the whole time it was on sundays (really ... I only regularly watch about four shows ... so I do feel a bit bereft when they mess with the schedule or take one of them away!).

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