BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Almost done ...

(heavy sigh) ... almost done ... almost done ...

We had our formal presentations of our Case Studies yesterday and I got 100 on that, which is a good thing, since I'm pretty sure the maximum that I'm going to get on my actual Case Study is 85 (part of the draconian grading situation here is that if you do everything asked of you on your case study, you get 80 points, which is the pass/fail boundary, the other 20 points come with three extra add-ons ... which in the past two terms I have not been able to get to ... plus 5 points for things looking cool, working smoothly, and being coded elegantly). Which means that despite getting 99 on the Final (for 1/3 of my grade), 100 on the Presentation (1/3 of my grade), coming in at 85 on the Case Study means that I'll be getting a 95, which is one point shy of that "A".

I know that grades don't matter at this level, but after having a nice shiny 4.0 in the first four units, having a 3.0 now is a bit of a pisser. Of course, if they take 4 at 4 and 2 at 3 that comes out to a 3.6 which would then get rounded up to a 4.0, I think. Bleh. I'm starting to blither. I'd better get back to finishing up my documentation.

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