BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

off to see the doctor ...

Well, as school is finally done (well, except for one nasty hanging bit of the Case Study ... I need to show that one cookie is actually working, although it keeps disappearing from the /cookies directory) I have finally had time to turn to keeping myself alive. I've been hacking up nasty stuff for over two weeks now, and not breathing very well. I had been averaging getting only about 3 hours of sleep through the last part of this past term, which I addressed this weekend by pretty much going to bed on Friday evening and staying there through this morning. While I'm not sure how many actual hours of sleep I got (the lung-hacking thing made it nearly impossible to get to sleep when I was actually laying down, so most sleep was in a slumped-sideways-from-sitting positon) but it was certainly an improvement. I had been hoping that the lung-hacking thing would have faded off with the sleep, but it hasn't so I'm off to see the doctor in a few minutes here. While at school I had all sorts of opinions offered to me of what "I really had", ranging from pneumonia to pulmatory embolism (sp?). I'm sort of expecting that the doctor will, as usual, tell me that I'm not dying and send me home with antibiotics.

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