BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


You know that new monitor I got back in December ... the 19" factory-recertified Dell ... well, it had been still sitting in the box all this time until tonight when my old monitor started to make "sparking noises" (with accompanying jumps in the screen), and eventually up and died. It felt pretty good to have the replacement monitor sitting there ready to go! No panic ... no "OH MY GOD, I CAN'T USE MY COMPUTER UNTIL I GET A NEW MONITOR!" ... none of that crap.

See, this is why I carry around film cannisters full of quarters too ... never have to deal with a soda or subway machine that's not taking my singles. Damn, I like being prepared for this sort of shit!

Being forced to tunnel under my desk to get the new monitor connected also gave me the excuse to get the new USB hub I bought a month or so back installed as well. I had all this USB stuff that I never got around to using because my main desk computer had two USB connectors on the back, which is so far under my desk and back into a bookshelf that it might as well be in another zip code ... now I have a little box with four powered USB connectors on top of my desk ... wheee! I might even be able to get some of these damn digital cams to work now!

By the way ... I'm amazed at how noticeable the difference is in size between my old 17" monitor and the new 19" one.

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