BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Depressed ...

What a fucking bummer of a Valentines Day. Everything was pretty screwed up anyway, and then The Wife found out that she's probably not going to be getting this job that she was SO excited about. Turns out some asswipe manager over the position decided to prioritize the resumes according to other criteria than what everybody else involved was dealing with, which moved The Wife down from being the #1 candidate to being in the category "in case none of these other people work out".

This hit ME hard both from the aspect that we were really hoping for her to get this and it is JUST LIKE a job that I didn't get a couple of years back ... a restaurant group here was going to hire me to run their frequent diner program, and the personnel group was even going to create the position to play to my strengths, but some VP decided that they had to hire some "square peg for the square hole" and only wanted to deal with candidates who were in nearly identical jobs at other companies.

Damn these little-minded twits! This god-damned world is so fucked up.

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