BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

What a friggin' nightmare of a day! I had a TON of work all set to plow through today, including two hours blocked out that I was going to be on the phone. HAH!

This is why I try to never fall into the temptation of "planning", because any PLAN is just an invitation to have the universe take a big stinky shit on you.

Had a call this morning from The Wife's sister... turns out she and her family are descending on Chicago tomorrow and will have a few hours tomorrow night to spend with us. OOPS! Had dinner plans with firends that had to be cancelled, and then the CLEANING issue came up ... I hate cleaning ... I get disoriented in tidy spaces ... but The Wife is a "cleanaholic" and she's off on one of those pointless vacuuming binges!

To top this off The Wife's sister's birthday is next week, so The Wife had to go SHOPPING, leaving the 3-month-old baby girl to my tender mercies. The 3-month old does NOT much care for Daddy (Daddy is no where near as nice as Mommy to cuddle up against and is pretty useless for "real" milk ... not that powder crap) and REALLY dislikes Daddy's office. So... FOUR HOURS OF SCREAMING ensues. No work done. No calls made. And, of course, The Wife, who had indicated she was ducking out "for about an hour" turned it into 4 hours ... I was getting ready to head out the door with the baby in the stroller to pick up her big sister (who must be rerieved by 6pm or Dire Economic Circumstances kick in at her daycare) when The Wife strolls in.

How can the technology of watches and phones be SO frigging difficult to comprehend?

Of course, to top this off Cher Mama was calling every half an hour about dinner plans, and freaking out that her latest house lady had quit after 3 days ... although this was mixed (she was wanting to fire her anyway) she was in a bit of a spot for the evenings and was all whiney about when I could come over and help her out! ARRRGH!

THEN, when I finally do get up to the daycare and announce to Daugher #1 that we have to go to Nana's house, she goes into a bawling fit because she had her little heart set on the playground. LIKE I NEED THIS FROM ALL FOUR WOMEN IN MY LIFE? It took her teache 10 minutes to calm her down and convince her that helping her Grandmother might be a nice thing to do.

So, if I'm a little TESTY on-line tonight .... BACK OFF! (heh)
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