BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Useful site ...

OK, so the next time some Leftist is whining about "Bush stealing the election" ... you might want to pop this link to them:

The main portion of this is this post-election map showing the 2,436 counties nation-wide won by Bush vs. the 676 counties won by Gore.

Considering there was more vote-stealing going on in Philadelphia alone for the Democrats (they managed the neat trick of having more votes cast for Gore than there were voters registered!) than was even postulated in the most lurid of delusions around the Florida results, it paints a pretty strong picture of just where the "Statism & Handouts" crowd has any support. By the way ... all that red you see ... that's Hitlery's "vast right-wing conspiracy", i.e., everybody who's not to the left of Barbara Streisand!

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