BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More blatant Palestinian lies uncovered ...

You know, it is AMAZING how the damned Palestinians play the Leftist western media like a finely-tuned propaganda machine ... the results of an investigation about that "12-year-old boy shot in his father's arms" that everybody recalls from the fall of 2000 indicates that the whole event was staged somewhere outside the actual battle zone.

An analysis of the place where this "happened" reveals that:
"Given the position of the protagonists during the firefight it is impossible that the child was hit by Israeli bullets."
... further investigation of the raw footage shows:
"incongruous battle scenes complete with wounded combatants and screeching ambulances played out in front of an audience of laughing onlookers, while makeshift movie directors do retakes of botched scenes."

And would it surprise anyone that our erstwhile "allies", the arrogant, dissembling French, are deeply implicated in colluding with the Palestinian terror propagandists in creating this lie? Read all about it here:

At this point if a Palestinian said the sky was blue I'd demand a second opinion. Same thing for the French. It reminds me of the classic joke from the dark days of the Clinton regime:
"Q: How can you tell if Bill and Hillary are lying?"
"A: Their lips are moving!"

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