BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Citizenship Quiz ...

Now, this is from the INS ... so I guess new citizens are supposed to know this stuff, how well do YOU? C'mon ... no using references ... no sneaking off to Google to look something up in a new window ... walk up to the voting booth and see how you do!


I got this from eagle243's journal ... he got 11/12, I didn't do so well, only getting 9/12 (which scored a "not bad" ... I was a bit off on #2 and #8, outright flubbed #5 ... and only got #11 by way of a good guess [these numbers are, of course, assuming they give the same sequence of questions]). He postulates needing to score 75% on this to be able to vote, so I guess I just snuck in under the wire!

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