BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ... Here's one for the Anti-War crowd ...

Yeah, I know ... I've been pretty damn hawkish in this space of late ... frankly, most of my "blow it all to bits" sentiment is in reaction to the lunatic Left with their endless predictable neo-Stalinist-lap-dog drivelling ... if they say "Peace!", damn it, I'm going to say "Armageddon!".

However, most Libertarian thought is definitely in the no-war camp. I saw the following today, and figured, in fairness, I'd pass it along as well. This was a statement by dear old Ron Paul, who is the most Libertarian member of Congress (even if he is a "small L" libertarian, and a member of the Republican Party). I've posted other things from Ron Paul here, and I feel that this list of questions (read on the floor of the House last September) really ought to be considered ... Is It Not True?

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