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The U.N. - Stay in or get out?

The following is a message from The Liberty Committee ... it's a bit lengthy, so I'm sticking it behind a cut tag ...

March 10, 2003

"If action is taken without the authority of the Security Council the legitimacy and support for any such action would be seriously impaired," U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan said today.

Authority of the United Nations Security Council?! When did the United Nations become the world's supreme government? When did Americans (military and civilian) pledge their allegiance to the flag of the United Nations, instead of the United States? When
did Americans (military and civilian) swear to uphold the Charter of the United Nations and denounce the Constitution of the United States?

Stay in or get out? We say get out.

"'I think the United Nations is dangerous to our republic and therefore we out not to participate,' said Rep. Ron Paul, Texas

"'I see the United Nations as having very little value to us for our interests,' Mr. Armey [former House Majority Leader] said."

"'What I [Rep. Jack Kingston, Georgia Republican] don't like about the United Nations is that while the average taxpayer is out there working hard, the U.N. people are out there enjoying American tax dollars and just nibbling away at American freedom.'"

Quotations from "Conservative voice misgivings over U.N. membership" The Washington Times, March 10, 2003

H.R. 1146 - The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2003 was introduced for the 108th Congress by Congressman Ron Paul, the founder of The Liberty Committee. H.R. 1146 ends membership of the United States in the United Nations.

Why get out of the U.N.? Consider:

1. The Charter of the United Nations is illegitimate, having never been lawfully ratified.
2. The Charter of the United Nations unlawfully transfers to the United Nations congressional and presidential war powers.
3. The United Nations General Assembly has no lawful power to require the United States to pay dues to the United Nations.
4. The Charter of the United Nations unconstitutionally usurps power reserved to the states by the Tenth Amendment.
5. H.R. 1146 is the only viable solution to the continued abuses of the United Nations.

Analysis of H.R. 1146 by Herbert W. Titus

H.R. 1146 ended the 107th Congress with 40 cosponsors. We need to remind those 40 U.S. representatives to again cosponsor H.R. 1146 in the 108th Congress as well as get first-time cosponsors.

The United States or the United Nations? We must decide or someone will decide for us.

Urge your representative to cosponsor H.R. 1146.
Go to

To make a donation, go to

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee

Needless to say, I fully support Ron Paul's H.R. 1146 - The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2003 and hope that everybody reading this will push their congresscreatures to get some spine and tell the internationalists where they can stick the U.N.!

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