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Geez ... it was 65° today ... not shabby for mid-March! We took The Girls out to Lincoln Park, first going to the Conservatory and then a walk through the zoo. It's so strange to take the bus up to Fullerton and then walk over there ... when I was growing up (ages 9-15 or so) we lived in the Mies van der Rohe building at 2400 Lakeview, so it's sort of like taking The Girls back to my old stomping grounds. I hadn't been in the Conservatory in ages, and, needless to say, it seemed a whole lot smaller than I remember it!

We're trying to ease Daughter #1 (who's 7) into an allowance. She's not "buying into it" yet, as the basic "requirements" for her to get said allowance seem to be not worth the effort to her at this point. However, a few days ago The Wife told her if she'd clean up a particularly nasty mess she'd give her $5.00 ... which she brought with her today to spend at the Zoo ... it was fun to see her try to budget some purchases (she still doesn't "get" figuring for sales tax), but for her five bucks she got an aligator head puppet thing, a "chinese" fan with animals printed on it, and a little pink rubber snake ... and had 50¢ change left over.

We were going to have lunch up there but the main food thing was packed and Daughter #2 was in melt-down due to delayed nap ... so we ended up dragging ourselves back over to Clark St. and grabbing the bus home, were we ALL took a good long nap (nothing like snoozing with the windows open and a nice fresh breeze running through the apartment). The Wife did corned beef & cabbage tonight which was our gesture to celebrating St. Pat's day (well, maybe I'll throw some green food coloring into a N.A. beer tomorrow for the hell of it).

Blah, blah, blah ... if I could get one of these damn digital cams to work I'd have pictures to go with the inane drivel ...

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