BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Psycho Leftists OUTSIDE MY WINDOW!!!

OK ... this picture sucks, I know (crap camera, low light, etc.) ... but this is the bend of Lake Shore Drive with the anti-war marchers (who had been blocking traffic and were being channeled into one lane) crossing the other lane to go block traffic by holding an "unofficial rally" at Michigan & Oak.

Bad enough that these shit-for-brains morons had to have their pathetic "official" rally downtown, but then to move enmasse to the drive, screw up traffic in both directions (they were being allowed to march NORTH on the drive but decided that Michigan Ave. was a better TARGET, so they crossed the other side of the highway) and surge into my neighborhood is really getting me pissed!

I just hope that Richard M. takes a page out of Richard J.'s playbook and sends the cops out to bust some heads!

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