BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Whew ... what a couple of days ...

Most of yesterday was spent with my Mom ... she's been having pretty near 24/7 help the past couple of years (since a real bad back surgery), and she's just being bled dry by the costs. As much as she doesn't want to leave her current place she's now looking at a very nice retirement place a few miles north of here. We went up there yesterday to tour the facilities and look at a couple of apartments. Amazingly, as pricey as the place is in terms of monthly rental (which does include two meals a day in their restaurants, "hotel" housekeeping, and various "elderly" amenities), it would be just about what she paid her overnight gal in 2002 plus the cost of her current condo assessment! This would mean that she'd have the cost of her mortgage and real estate taxes "to play with" plus the not-inconsiderable equity from her current place. My aunt lived in a high-rise retirement community out in Seattle for about 20 years, so my Mom is thinking seriously about this. Big change for us, since we currently live right down the street and our Girls are able to visit pretty much at whim.

Which brings me to the second part of the day yesterday ... Daughter #1 decided that she really wanted to go visit with Nana after school, so I dropped her off there and then went to get #2 from daycare. Once Daughter #2 arrived, Nana and The Girls retired to her bedroom to watch a video, while I hung out in the kitchen watching Fox News and trying to get Nana's cell phone "recharged" with pre-paid minutes (still no luck on that). Anyway, at some point in the video, my Mom's accountant called (getting back to her on some details of what would be possible on the move concept), and my 3-year-old took the moment of inattention to reach around behind my Mom to get into some of her pills. I discovered this as I was heading back there, when I was met by said 3-year-old proudly holding out an open bottle of Extra-Strength Tylenol ... which, of course, started the panic. We also found Nana' sleeping pills open and spilled on the floor. Daughter #2 was at this point looking very tired yet was assuring us that she hadn't taken ANYTHING (she finally 'fessed up tonight) ... until she threw up. At this point, I grabbed her, her jacket and shoes, and a towel and bolted for the door. We got a cab and headed up to Children's Memorial Hospital, where we spent the next six hours. Fortunately, she must have puked up most of what she'd taken, but we had no idea how much Tylenol she might have gotten down. As it turns out, after one urine and two blood tests (and very messy efforts to get her to drink enough of the carbon suspension which looked like black paint), there wasn't any measureable Tylenol in her system, so it appears that the only thing that had any effect was the Ambien, which made her very sleepy and docile for about 3 hours.

The Wife and Daughter #2 stayed home today while I went out to a Job Fair. This phase of the job search is very frustrating. It irritates the hell out of me that there aren't any "Middle Aged White Guys Changing Careers" job fairs ... of course, if you put "white" in there you'll have all sorts of hell to pay, but there are PLENTY of "everything BUT white guys" job fairs out there, in fact, "diversity" seems to be the ONLY thing anybody is hiring for these days. Today was no different ... another "diversity" fair ... the only reason I was going was that the F.B.I. listed this on their web site as a recruiting opportunity. I'd read a couple of pieces on how they're having to really beef up their I.T. staffs, so I figured I'd go down to see what was what. I discovered that I'm too old to be an "agent" (the cut-off is 35), and they're only taking on-site applications from folks looking to be agents ... so I'm back to dicking with their web site to get in the queue for their I.T. support gigs.

You would think that being trained in "Web Development and Business Programming" (hey, my Diploma came in this week, even!) and spending as much time on-line as I do, that I would be HAPPY to do on-line job applications. The truth of the matter is that I hate it ... I spend a LOT of time tweaking how my documents look and dumping them off into some electronic (or, worse, some damned MS Word version) format loses all the "visual effect". I guess 25 years of P.R. and Publishing have me too set on "perception impact" of a document outside of its actual content.

(sigh) ... I just wish somebody would offer me a job someplace.

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