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A really important thing to read ...

rillifane posted an article by David Horowitz in his journal ... I was unable to dig up the original, so I'll just point folks over to that. This piece is remarkable, as Horowitz had been a hard-left campus organizer in the early 60's, and as such has a particularly clear view of what is happening in today's so-called "anti-war" movement:

"We realized we couldn’t attract large numbers of people by revealing our deranged fantasies about America (although that of course is not how we would have looked at them). We realized that we needed the support of a lot of Americans who would never agree with our real agendas if we were going to influence the course of the war. So we changed our slogan to “Bring the Troops Home.” That seemed to express care for Americans while accomplishing the same goal. If America brought her troops home in the middle of the war, the Communists would win. Which is exactly what happened.

This piece goes on to discuss the sort of "behind the scenes" steering that the neo-Stalinist Left is doing on the on-going "image" of the anti-war crowd ... and names a lot of names. Every time the Left trots out some "college professor" you should check their baggage ... a lot of them are card-carrying Communists who are still fighting the cold war against America, and would like nothing better that cause us harm.

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