BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

more poems ...

Well, this has been interesting. Take almost two years off from writing, and come back to find myself almost exactly where I was (emotionally) from when I quit. Damn depressing. Of course, the only difference is that now I can only squeeze out 2-3 poems a month, rather than the 20-21 that I used to do. Shit. Nothing ever changes, just cycles down to fucking hell. Anyway, here and in the following are a couple of more poems. These would show up sooner, but I've been scrawling these in a little bitty notebook and so it takes me a while to getting around to decoding them. I used to be able to write at the computer ... nothing works any more.

                    WHEN LOST, WHERE DISPOSED?

                    all things disjoint
                    as illness grips
                    no intent matters
                    no meaning sways
                    we are crippled
                    unable to function
                    immobile, insane

                    we flail at these futures
                    but never connect
                    each target of reach
                    is found to be mist
                    fading from touch
                    illusive and cruel
                    mocking and false
                    unable to be

                    how can we structure?
                    how can we plan?
                    when nothing is real
                    what can be built
                    that won't disappear
                    at the moment of need
                    or the instant
                    of desperate want?

                    time grows so short
                    and panic ensues
                    we have nothing to stem
                    the on-coming flood
                    all virtue's been bled
                    all history purged
                    we find ourselves naked
                    against the onslaught

                    are any dreams left
                    which might yet come true?
                    any miracles hidden
                    to be found just in time?
                    no, these are more phantoms
                    more daggers of mind
                    which build to destruction
                    and plot our demise

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2000 by Brendan Tripp

- BT
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