BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

The (American) Black Muslim threat ...

Thanks to blonnie for this link! Living in Chicago we get to see up-close-and-personal the vile hypocrisies of the likes of Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan on a nearly daily basis in the local media. These bottom-feeding con men run scam after scam in their efforts to shake down local companies and lurch to the defense of any black, no matter how blatantly guilty. Well, here's a good example of some of their influences ... Homegrown Jihad ... not only is Jesse Jackass rushing to support the murdering "Sgt. Asan Akbar" (a product of Farrakhan's Nation of Islam), but it appears that Akbar is following the pattern of another Black Muslim in the U.S. military ... it turns out that the "Beltway Sniper", John Allen Muhammed, committed an almost identical crime while in the military in the 1991 Gulf War! It makes me wonder if Farrakhan's goons have training sessions on "how to kill whitey" for their members in uniform. When the hell is this country going to drop the "politcally correct" blinders and do something about the plainly traitorous vermin in our midst???

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