BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ... I survived the weekend ... I feel like a truck hit me, but I survived. MAN ... this Mothers Day thing is a bear.

Took The Wife, My Mom, and the girls out to lunch at Puck's at the MCA (it's very cool that Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art has turned its cafe over to Wolfgang Puck's organization!).

Daughter #1 was bitchy all day, and it REALLY helped that they had a "make a mothers day amulet" craft thing going right outside the restaurant ... she ate some pizza and then disappeared to glue stuff for the next hour! She actually does some amazingly nice things for being 4 years old ... she made her mom two REALLY cool pins at daycare that she gave her for mothers day.

I had the girls give The Wife some jade earrings that seemed to have gone over well, plus roses, plus some pics of the girls in nice frames. Gave my mom the same pics, plus some baskets of goodies (she likes obscure gourmet stuff and doesn't get out much, so I occasionally do up baskets of interesting oils and vinegars, pestos, peppers, relishes, etc.). All in all, both "mother" units appeared to be pleased.

Thank god the weather was nice yesterday, as my Mom's wheelchair broke one of its front wheels on the way home from the museum (yes, we're CITY people and walk most places!), I had to pull the chair, tilted backwards, the last block on her way home ... and was wiped out the rest of the evening! I at least was able to duck out to the hardware store and get enough parts to fix the wheelchair before we left Mom's place.
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