BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Update ...

Ugh ... I'm sick again. This is a side-effect of being "Mr. Mom" all week while The Girls have been on Spring Break. Daughter #2 has had a bronchial infection (much like the one I finally shook off in January) that we've been having a horrible time getting rid of (largely due to the difficulties of getting a 3-year-old to submit to an anti-biotic regimin). I made the mistake on Monday of sharing a bottle of water with her ... and was back to being sick by Wednesday. Fortunately, I have no problem popping pills, so I was into the doctor on Friday and got anti-biotics for myself, which will hopefully knock this down by the end of the week. The Wife has also found a way to get Daughter #2 to take her current anti-biotics (the third we've tried ... the first two were liquids that she refused to swallow ... nothing like having a half a bottle of meds on her shirt in the effort of getting two teaspoons down her!), having discovered that #2 does not notice the difference between a bottle of hot chocolate with the pill dissolved in it and a bottle of hot chocolate without the pill dissolved in it!

Being that I feel like crap, I have been trying to spend as much time as possible in bed and/or asleep ... which means I'm getting way behind on my computer reading and L.J. communications. We did, however, go off for an easter egg hunt up by Daughter #1's dojo yesterday (making for quite a long day in that part of town once we got through her class), and are having brunch with my Mom today. Too bad we blew off church today ... it would be interesting to see what that whiny leftist group of UU's do with "Nazarene-on-a-Stick Day"!

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