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Bowflex ...

OK ... so after my year of intense I.T. achievement my doctor suggests that I might consider losing some weight. It appears that in the period of time where I was spending 18 hours a day at the computer, 3 hours with the kids, and only 3 hours sleeping, I managed to gain 30 pounds. The Wife, who absolutely hates "cluttery" things like exercise equipment, is willing to get us a Bowflex (ah, the power of those ads promising guaranteed results in "six weeks of three 20-minute workouts a week"!) machine.

Now, I used to be a work-out freak, doing 2 hours of exercise a night (alternating between calesthenics and weight training) six nights a week (while I had my first four to six gin gimlets, of course). Somewhere around a dozen years or so ago, I ripped the hell out of my back muscles and never got back into the work-out thing ... but that "bug" is still in the back of my head somewhere, so I'm perfectly willing to get me one of these beasties.

What I'm posting about this here for is to see if anybody out there reading this has had any experience with the Bowflex equipment. I mean, their promo stuff if amazing in what it promises, and I'm interested in hearing any first-hand data on how that works. In the past I've mainly worked with free weights, and have never been a "gym rat", so my experience with working on machines is primarily from when I was rehabbing from my near-fatal car crash in '93 ... not exactly "recreational" usage!

Anybody have any kudos or horror stories to pass along???

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