BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

First the "evil" deck, now the "weasel" deck ...

Yes ... the same folks ( that were/are offering the "official" Iraqi "Deck of Death" has now come out with its natural companion ... The Deck of Weasels!

From their promo copy:
"Each suite of the Deck of Weasels reveals America’s enemies. The Spades are the most treacherous of the world’s foreign leaders. The Diamonds are the most backstabbing U.S. leaders. The (bleeding) Hearts, of course, consist of Hollywood’s woefully ill-informed would-be geopolitical “experts.” And the Clubs include the worst of the biased media and self-appointed pundits."

Oooh ... what fun!

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

P.S.: That "ref ID" on the links is not to me, but is for The Drudge Report, from which I snagged the info ... I'm not pitching these for profit, but figured it wouldn't hurt to help out Matt Drudge by keeping it in there!

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