BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Got to play artist today ...

CFUU Well, as I noted in this space previously, I was mighty excited to discover the existence of CFUU, the "Conservative Forum for Unitarian Universalists", and I was interested in getting more involved with them.

As much as I love the UUA from a theological basis (Unitarianism and Universalism are both quite appealing stances) ... and for their inclusion of Pagan paths via CUUPS ... most of the Unitarians I've met are "in it for the Social Action" (as in leftist agitation, not singles mixers) and not for the religious elements. Over the course of the Iraq conflict, I came very close to severing my ties with the church due to what I saw as the prevalance of an extreme "neo-Stalinist" anti-Americanism that passed itself off as the de-rigeur "anti-war stance" ... so it was a great relief to discover that I was NOT the only conservative UU out there!

I had contacted the CFUU folks about possibly putting together a CafePress store (like I'd previously done for Second Unitarian) and had asked if they had an "official" logo. As you can see from clicking on their links here, the group is a bit "design challenged" at the moment ... and they basically responded by saying "we had been working on one but gave up on it ... do you have any graphic skills?", which I took to be an invitation to whip up a new logo for the group. So, while this is not "official", I think it looks pretty snazzy (the circles with the flame-in-the-chalice are the UU symbol), and I hope that they'll decide to start using it! I'm always happy to get to "stretch those art muscles", since of my three majors in college (English, Religion, and Art), the art major doesn't get put to use nearly as much as I would like.

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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