BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Another one ...

Hmmm... this couldn't be a trend, could it? I have NEVER written much in the morning ... but this early AM train ride has given me a lot of stare-out-the-window time to fill (and Daughter #1 won't let me sleep on the way up there, terrified that we'll miss our stop!). Anyway, one nice thing here is that this is, in tone, a jump backwards past the "stuck phase" and is closer to what I used to (and to which I'd like to return) write.

                    WHERE SUDDENLY WE SLIP

                    told in hushed insistence
                    secrets unawares...
                    but who will listen?
                    who knows the way
                    to break between
                    these looming walls,
                    to catch vibration
                    on the fly?

                    we find ourselves within
                    that liminal space
                    a zone of being
                    unforgotten from before
                    when days had magic
                    and power lay
                    close to our grasp
                    at will's command

                    so long apart
                    in duller realms
                    we have not tasted
                    these subtle hues
                    which now surround us
                    and murmur truths
                    awaiting voicing
                    once again

                    the currents seize
                    and sweep away
                    yet we linger
                    knowing how to grasp the seams
                    and not be lost
                    within the rush
                    wishing to savor
                    what's been so long denied

                    every line becomes exact
                    as webs enclose
                    to form the matrix frame
                    we seek to file
                    this data stream
                    before the phase reverts
                    and mundane worlds retake
                    the pattern of the light

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2000 by Brendan Tripp

- BT
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