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With money being SO tight over the past few years, I have developed as much a "zero spending" philosophy as I've been able to manage (the once-a-month treat of a Subway sandwich has been noted here previously), with The Wife handling our day-to-day expenses. Well, a bad side-effect of this has been that I've discovered that the "zero spending" neuroses (which is what it's become ... which is, I suppose, the only way it would actually function on-going) has spilled over to gift certificates I've been given, leading to them not infrequently expiring before I get around to using them. I recently discovered an gift cetificate that The Girls gave me last Father's Day, which was due to expire 6/10 ... I'd been trying to think through "what I wanted" (having a HUGE back-log of stuff I've denied myself over the years), and figured that despite the long list of books I'd like to get, I still have large stacks of un-read books dating to my years of 14-hour/7days schedule of running Eschaton where the only reading I got done was incoming manuscripts ... so I opted for music.

Of course, I just ordered some CDs the other night (getting A Cat-Shaped Hole In My Heart to see if it would help with my feelings of loss over miss Nikki's passing), so this was fraught with guilt, buyers remorse, etc. Now, I used to buy one or two CDs a week ... back in college I budgeted myself at that rate (as I was working at the P.R. firm every day that I wasn't in school, I had a fairly steady cash flow back then, so before the start of a term I'd buy travellers checks and put them in dated envelopes so I'd have a predictable amount of cash per week, including enough to buy two records ... nothing like putting one's obsessive-compulsive disorder to good use!) ... so in the past few years of buying few if any albums, my "want that!" list has gotten so huge as to be pointless. As much as I'd like to pick up "new music", it's so hit-and-miss, and not having any IRL social life, I have nobody to bounce "genre issues" against (i.e., "What bands that I don't know are most like bands that I like?") to filter out the mass of options. Also, as readers of this space have no doubt noted, as I am "a crusader against Intellectual Property Theft", I'm not out there stealing music via the web just because I presently can't afford to buy it on CD!

Anyway ... I once again opted for one of those big Goth collections, "Black Bible", which is a 4-CD set of decent stuff (sort of like having a "goth radio station" ... would that there were such things! ... playing when I have those on), plus a quirky album (which I found when digging in the Black Sabbath "section" over at Amazon) from an Estonian "early music" group, Rondellus, it's called "Sabbatum: Medieval Tribute to Black Sabbath", and features various Sabbath tunes, translated into Latin, and done like Gregorian Chants. The samples on Amazon were a hoot ... I have several medieval music CDs, and this sounds remarkably similar! The two came in (with free shipping) at 3¢ under the value of the gift certificate ... whoopie!

Yeah, like anybody cares, right?

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