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Cars ...

As I have no doubt mentioned, we don't "keep a car" where we live. Almost everything we need on a regular basis is within a 5 block walk, or a quick jump onto either the subway or a bus, so our car use would likely be 2-3 times a week to run off to out-lying locations. We had a bunch of errands to run this weekend (well, I had a lot of things I had planned to get done this weekend which aren't getting done, The Wife determined the slate of activities) involving divesting ourselves of various items that The Girls have grown out of (bikes, car seats, toddler pens, etc.) which were of sufficient bulk as to require a trunk-equipped vehicle, as well as acquiring stuff (like a new bird cage) that would have been a pain to try to "bus-bus-El" home. So, we went off and rented a car.

How do people STAND to have cars on a day-to-day basis? I would be the poster boy for Road Rage if I had to deal with this on-going! For somebody used to taking the El all over, the endless waits in traffic are insanely claustrophobic, and stupidity like circling around a Target parking lot for a half hour waiting for somebody to leave would make me totally blow a gasket if I had to do it more than once or twice a year!

The only good thing yesterday was that I totally "lucked out" on finding a parking spot. Typically, when we have a rental car, I end up having to drive around for 45 minutes to an hour to find an open meter, and then have to walk several miles back home once I've parked the damn car. Last night I only had to go on an 8-block meander through the neighborhood, finding a spot which was just 4 blocks away, and on a 6pm meter (the ones closer to us need to be fed 25¢/15min up through 9pm or even midnight)!

Today we have to run some stuff up to 2U (and I have to make it through a "lost pet" memorial thing ... I broke down crying again this morning when Daughter #2, doing something in the kitchen, made a move like she used to do to plop down next to Nikki where she'd hang out in front of the refrigerator ... the absence of kitty cat hit me hard) and then The Wife has us slated for runs up to Menards, Home Depot, and possibly back to Target.

Anyway, I thought this was a good subject to inaugurate a new user icon I whipped up yesterday ... my "evil" one, good for Road Rage, discussions of the Klintons, and other damn-everything-to-hell rants!

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