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Had a meeting with a career counselling firm yesterday out in the suburbs. I don't know what to think about them yet, but at least they're not promising me anything, which gives them legitimacy points ... they DO say that "I have a lot going for me" and the guy I was talking with seemed to think that I "could do better" than most of the jobs that I'd mentioned I'd been cranking out resumes for. I hope they're right. I have a big questionnaire thing that I need to get done tonight and fax back to them tomorrow, they want me (and The Wife) to come out there for our next meeting.

I had to rent another car to get out there ... the first time I've had a brand-new car, a Dodge Neon with like 50 miles on it! I was able to drop Daughter #1 off at school, pick up the car, find my way out to Butt Fuck Egypt (I don't think that was the official name for it, but that's where it was), kill a half hour in a Dunkin Donuts (since I don't trust myself to find anything in the suburbs, so I typically "budget" twice the expected drive time), and have my meeting (nearly 2 hours), drive back to Civilization, change clothes (ah, the "joys" of being back in a suit ... NOT), run over to Public Storage, pay them, pick up a case of books, drop those at home, grab Daughter #1's karate stuff, head out to look at under-the-bed storage stuff (with #1's new bed she loses 9 drawers, so she's in a storage crisis at the moment), end up buying myself a new pair of sandals (almost like my now-falling-apart-after-3+-years) for 1/4 of what I thought I was going to have to pay for them (yay for unexpected sales!), grab a sandwich on my way back to pick up Daughter #1, get her and run up to Dojo (just in time for class), then head down to get Daughter #2, with a stop inbetween to pick up The Wife (since we were sort of "in the neighborhood" ... I should have called before we left Dojo and it would have been a lot quicker than backtracking there half way down), then make it (again, just in time) to Daughter #2's school, gas the car, run over to Best Buy so that The Wife could get her dad a gift certificate for Father's Day, run up to the McDonalds across from the sales office for the new assisted living place that my Mom is looking at moving to, feed the girls, and run everybody home. THEN for the next half hour or so I did the run-around-in-circles-looking-for-a-goddamned-parking-space routine, eventually finding one within five blocks from here, but, more significantly, just around the corner from the rental place (which was handy at 7am this morning for bringing it back).

I had a zillion things that I needed to get done today, but Daughter #1 convinced The Wife that she was sick and Daughter #2 decided that she wasn't going to go to school either, so I was stuck with the little darlings all day long. Fortunately, #2 took a good long nap, allowing #1 and me to do a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle ... nothing flushes the day down the crapper better than being intent on finishing up a big jigsaw puzzle, which meant that I didn't need to get any more creative to keep them from trashing the place.

Unfortunately, due to a combination of a lot of different things, I got REAL FUCKING DEPRESSED today. Too bad none of those anti-depressants worked for me. I keep thinking that I should go back to drinking (I've been sober now for nearly 17 years, so this is digging back into my history), since back then it seemed to stave off ALL the bad stuff that I've been dealing with lately (for which the drugs didn't do squat, but made me feel like shit). Bummer. I wish somebody would fucking HIRE ME so I didn't feel like such a useless sack of shit every damn day.

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