BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

terror attacks ...

You know it is painfully ironic that if there was ever a country which could be excused if it launched into an aggressive campaign of "ethnic cleansing", it would be Israel. They will never be safe while the Palestinian vermin are in their midst, and the Palestinians are such shit-for-brains scum that some of them are always going to be happy to blow their lame asses off to Allah if they think they can get post-mortem brownie points for taking some innocent Israelis with them.

Of course, Israel being in large part in existence due to the genocidal efforts of the Nazis and Soviets, it would involve a heck of a lot of cognitive dissonance to launch an extermination program of their own against the Palestinians, but everything I see on the news makes me WISH that somebody would wipe out the whole damn Palestinian population!

Yeah, I know ... BAAAAAD BRENDAN! ... but, shit, you can only take the bullshit so long!

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