BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


How the heck did I miss them putting out an Andy Warhol stamp???

I mean, this thing's been out for nearly a year (issued 8/9/2002), and I've never seen one! I was over at the P.O. a couple of days and bought a bunch of stamps for a mailing that I'm doing (sending out "Brendan is looking for work" cards to my "xmas list") and I would have LOVED to have gotten somethng as freaky as these!

Dang! I need to remember to go surf the Post Office site more frequently. I'm guessing that this was in limited retail circulation (its issue location was Pittsburgh, and I'm assuming it's just there and in New York), but I could have ordered them from the website. Bah. I love it when they come up with cool stamps, but hate it when I miss out on them!

You'd have to think that Warhol would be tickled to be on a stamp like this ... sort of the mindless repetiton of image thing being applied to him!

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