BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

The damned Left NEVER apologizes for their lies ...

Another good read ... this time about the bullshit the Left/Media had been feeding us about a "heritage catastrophe" with Iraq's museum getting looted ... as this author points out, it's almost a carbon copy of the B.S. about the Jenin "massacre" last year, when "thousands of innocents slaughtered" ended up actually being only a couple of dozen militants snuffed, only this time it was "tens of thousands" of irreplaceable artifacts disappearing suddenly turning out to be 33 pieces missing. Of course, like in the Jenin "coverage" (how can you even call parroting the Palestinian lies "journalism"?), nobody from the Left is saying "oops, I guess we got hoodwinked", no, it's on the the NEXT media frenzy. Damn them all to hell!

Anyway, here's the piece: Rummy was right: it was the same vase, 170,000 times over

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