BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Not that anybody cares ...

I guess I missed doing a "Fathers Day" post ... well, The Girls got me up at a decent hour (a rare event for most "special days" around our house) and gave me my presents. Daughter #1 had painted a rock to look like her, and Daughter #2 had somehow lost whatever they'd been working on at school, but I got some nice cards, plus a couple of hardware things I'd been sort of wanting (a strap wrench and a "gator" wrench), plus a bunch of Goetz caramel cremes (and the new strawberry ones too). Then I got my "big" present ... I knew "something was up", since The Wife was focusing on logistics of lunch so closely (like having my Mom not count on me for getting her home) ... well, they'd been listening to me mope about probably not getting to see any of the movies that I wanted to see this summer, so my big prize was a bunch of movie gift certificates, and our timing was being set up so that I could go see Matrix 2 right after lunch. We were going to Heaven On Seven, a cajun place that's in the same mall as the theater playing the movie, so all I had to do was duck upstairs! Such a deal!

So now I've seen two of the movies I wanted to catch (X2 and Matrix2), I just need to figure out how to catch the others (Hulk, LXG, CA2, etc.)!

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