BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I'm baaaaack ...

Yikes ... been gone from Thursday the 3rd through Sunday the 6th and I'm 300 posts behind. I guess it could have been worse.

We survived the trip (although there was a very good opportunity to not survive it on the road around Indianapolis, but I was able to slam on my brake, make a fast turn and jump on the gas before the truck in the next lane reached the thin gap trailing the suddenly-stopped traffic in front of us). It was hot and fairly borning (this was for my Wife to go hang with old buddies at a high school reunion). I'm glad to be home. My intestines are glad to be home ... I haven't eaten that much fast-food crap in ages!

I still need to deal with the bank today ... those motherfuckers are still jerking us around (the last time we needed to pull money out of the 401k account they wouldn't process the check because my accountant hadn't signed it, this time they won't process it is because he DID!). I got my mother to loan me enough money to keep us from bouncing checks and got that into the bank the night before we left, but she'd like to get that back as soon as possible. I hate banks ... they're full of "little Hitlers" whose one jolly in life is jerking folks around. Bleh.

Plus, I have another LifeWork meeting tomorrow and have a TON of stuff to get ready for that (oh, joy, yet another version of my resume!) ... I'm so toasted from this weekend that I would really prefer to spend most of today zoning ... but that's not going to be possible (especially with the damn rental car still around ... which means that every hour and a half or so I need to run out and pump money into the meter).

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