BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

a tasty bit of misanthropic bile ...

Wow ... what a suck-shit crap hole of a day. But, then again ... EVERY FUCKING DAY has been like that for quite a while. I sometimes wish I could do "open the vein and let it bleed" rants in here bitching about the REAL reasons I am so mad at the world, but I just can't get into a state where I really want to name names and highlight abuses (since it always seems like whining to me ... and I fucking hate whiners). So, I guess it's look through the crystal ball of Brendan's poetry time again for all you journal readers out there ...

                    INTO FRESH PERDITION

                    this Hell
                    breaking the veneer
                    of pretty lies
                    which we have slathered
                    seeking to disguise
                    that abiding dark
                    the true damnation

                    we are alone
                    forever alone
                    we are cast out
                    eternally alien
                    none to need
                    none to care
                    no contact made
                    no point of union

                    all beings bear whips
                    and cruelly scourge
                    the broken soul
                    the fractured spirit
                    the twisted form
                    which writhes in pain
                    they strike, and laugh
                    again, again, again, again

                    damn this world
                    damn this race
                    I curse your coldness
                    I spit at your blind eyes
                    I seek for ways
                    which bring escape
                    if by carnage
                    or by death

                    no more shall I
                    stand at your door
                    whimpering to come in
                    nor more shall I
                    believe your pleas
                    to give things one more chance
                    for I am banished
                    and shall forever be your bane

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2000 by Brendan Tripp

- BTRIPP . . . Hey!  Click on me!


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