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Ooooh ... yeah ... got to go see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen today. I don't know why all the reviews have been panning this so much, I liked it a lot better than other films I've seen recently. If it had a problem, it was the same as the first X-Men movie ... having to introduce and provide context for so many main characters. Speaking of the X-Men movies, I read (here) that Peta Wilson just missed being cast as Jean Grey! I'm glad that she's getting roles, as I miss seeing her (from her La Femme Nikita days).

I had been wanting to go see LXG since I first saw stuff about it ... and was afraid that it was going to disappear before I could burn some of my Fathers Day gift certificates on it. These days I have a rather abbreviated schedule (with playing "Mr. Mom"), and if a movie doesn't have an 11am or 11:30 start time, I typically won't be able to get out to see it. This morning Daughter #1 and I were once again out of synch with the bus, so I ended up walking her to day camp ... on the way we were discussing the films that I was wanting to see and wondering if any/all would be too scary for her (at 7-1/2) to see ... she volunteered that she might want to see LXG. I had been trying to get myself organized to block out the time to see it this week, with no success (I've been spending most days working on the re-decoration of the girls' rooms), but when my Mom called to see if she was going to be seeing them today, I got the idea of dropping #2 off with her (she'd had #1 there for a few hours yesterday) and taking #1 with me for the 4pm showtime.

While LGX was PG-13, there really wasn't anything in it that #1 couldn't handle (I did do the hand-over-the-eyes thing for a couple of horror movie trailers, though) except for one f/x scene towards the end of the film that I won't divulge as it would be a big spoiler. She enjoyed it, and now I have something to use to push her into more serious reading. This probably was the best of the latest films to take her to, since I understand that Hulk is a slow-starter, CA2 is probably not something that I want her seeing, and she's already freaked out by the trailer for Pirates of the Carribean!

Speaking of the re-decoration project ... I was unhappy to find that the lavender paint that is going up in Daughter #2's room is not successfully covering up the yellow that has been in there. I was two walls into the project and already 3/4 of a gallon down, so had to go out and get another can mixed up. At least it looks good with a second coat. I now am down to just the wall behind the (unbelievably heavy) "captain's bed" (which I'm not much looking forward to trying to move) and the ceiling to finish in there. I'm hoping to get The Wife to help me with the last bit of border in #1's room this weekend, so we can be done there and be able to then focus on finishing up in #2's room.

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