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I've probably bitched about V3 in this space before ... they're the Dutch re-direct service that took over the Taiwan-based re-direct service a few years back. was wonderful, they had a dozen or so (primarily Tongan ".to") domains and they would let you sign up for as many permutations as you'd like, just as long as you didn't exceed five a day! However, the fellow who built was moving on to other things and he sold that to V3, which had other re-direct domains. V3, however, demanded that you had a one-to-one relationship of the re-directs to a unique e-mail. Of course, this was a hassle rather than a problem, as all it required was getting a free e-mail somewhere and then using that to snag the re-direct (being that I had dozens of these, trying to keep track of them all proved to be a farcical juggling act!). I used so many because I was always looking for a "thematic" URL to put in little classified ads for various products and projects (such as or or or or or ... all of which are still working ... or and various other "" domains that are not). It was a nightmare, though, when V3 took over the accounts, and there were many that just disappeared on me, and many, while still functional are not listed in their records (and so can't be edited)! Then V3 went to a paid system ... you could have X number of free accounts for every paid one, I really tried to sign up for a lot of these, but between the e-mail issues and the non-transferral issues I wasn't able to "get to" a number of them, and then there were those (oh, like darkness) that, while fun, were hard to justify spending money on!

Anyway ... I've been using (which was one of those "functioning but unlisted" URLs, that I ended up re-registering as a paid account to be able to use again) to link to my on-line resume for nearly ALL of my current job search materials, including a zillion cards I've had printerd up ... and suddenly, a week or two ago, "" (in all its permutations) just up and quit functioning! I guess the guys at V3 had let slip something with the Tongan NIC ( and that had drifted into the void for a while ... needless to say, I was VERY relieved to find it back up today!

So, if you do encounter any job opportunities for "a fabulously talented Publicist / Publisher / Editor / Meeting Planner / Writer / Marketer / or Programmer in various languages" you can once again point folks to to get my resume in front of the appropriate hiring person!

By the way ... a few years ago I bought some Tongan domains of my own ... but never got around to doing anything with them (in fact, they don't even have DNS entries ... I really should at least hook them up to a cheap hosting company and put up "you wanna buy this?" pages for them). They are (the perfect site to host newage/religious cult pages!), (wouldn't your fave gothboi want to have an e-mail, and (the perfect porn star home). If anybody out there wants to buy/lease these ... do let me know!

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