BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

BT in L.A. ... January 12-14, 2001!

OK ... so all the Atlanta folks can breathe a big sigh of relief ... "Mr. Rexall" isn't going to be coming down your way for the big Rexall/Enrich merger conference. Yep, got a cheap airfare to L.A. and found a cheap hotel there ... so I'm going to miss badgering all you lovely people to come to the meeting on January 19th and 20th! Now, you could attend this on your own (it's free ... just call 800-446-4394 to register), it's at the Atlanta Hilton & Towers, Friday evening and all day on Saturday!

Now, I'll be out in Los Angeles the previous weekend ... so if anybody reading this posting is from the L.A. area, you should consider coming out for it! After all, I think this is the first time that two free-standing MLMs have been merged (forming the 7th largest world-wide, for those keeping score), which means that at the conference we get to figure out how the new combined product line will turn out (there are many over-lapping products), which compensation plan will be implemented (I'm hoping it's the Rexall one, which is back-of-the-napkin simple), and heck, even what the NAME of the merged company is going to be (I assume that it will be something catchier than "The Royal Numico Network Marketing Division", which is what it's going by currently).

Anyway, I'm going to have a few hours to kill on Friday afternoon 1/12 and should be available for breakfast on Sunday morning 1/14 (I get in about 12:30pm on Friday and the meeting doesn't start until 6pm ... and my flight out leaves about 10:30am on Sunday), should anybody want to see me in my "meatworld" manifestation!

- BT
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