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... and now for something completely different ...

I've been trying to write a post about last night (Tuesday) but haven't been able to get a coherent thing together ... went out to the suburbs for a Unicity meeting ... the "big dog of the big dogs" Todd Smith was in town to tell us about the new "Lean Control" weight management system (which is really amazing, but I'll spiel about that later) ... and about some of the changes at the company (the ownership changed a couple of weeks back, but that's a long story which I'll spare you at the moment).

Anyway, I decided that I needed to get myself a spiffy new URL to use to drive traffic to the site (since I really hate having to use the "official" address ... ... which is awfully clunky) and spent a chunk of the day plugging possible variations of "lean" or "diet" into a domain search box. The health/fitness market is pretty deep into the web, and it's always a challenge to find something in that ballpark that's not already taken ... but I finally settled on one (which I'll hold off mentioning until the DNS gets set up for it) and registered it tonight.

What I'm really writing this post for, though, is to rave about my new favorite registrar ... it's a group out of the UK called, which offers $9.95 registrations, and with a HUGE list of free services. Not only can you get free re-directs from them (which was my goal), but you can manage your own files on their system as you like, plus you can set up 250 mailboxes and/or subdomains on your domain, for free! I'd recently used them for another domain ( ... it's another long story) and was very pleased with them, so I think they're my new "registrar of choice"! Thought I'd pass along the tip ...

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