BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Diet update ...

OK, OK ... so I've only been on it for two days ... but I'm "on target" for the range of weight loss that I was hoping for (20lbs a month). The reason that I felt like making a point of this was what I ate yesterday ... we ended up taking The Girls to Chuck E Chesse, stopping on the way (we take the El up to Fullerton and then transfer to the Fullerton bus to get there) at the legendary Demon Dogs for a hotdog and fries (and some cheddar fries for Daughter #1 ... shared with dad!) and then, of course, having pizza. Then last night The Wife whipped up a steak dinner, with steaks, baked potato, and corn. I did not skimp on anything yesterday and still lost weight! This is very encouraging for what might come on "regular" days when I'm not having all the outside-the-house foods.

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