BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


Well, Daughter #1 finally got her gold belt! She's been eligible for about 3-4 months and there's always been something that she'd screw up in testing ... I guess today she was "close enough" (the only things I noted that she had problems with were left/right issues). This moves her up to "Kids II" at dojo, which means that we have to get used to a whole new schedule (plus, I had to shell out some serious $$$ to get her the necessary sparring gear). Now she's going to be in classes where she'll actually get to HIT people (and get hit, of course, so we're going to have to get her past the crying stuff). Hopefully she'll move through the gold belt smoother than she did with either the white or the yellow (both had long pauses at 3rd degree before she got promoted) so she'll still be on target for getting her black belt when she's 12 or 13!

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