BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More Netscape 7.1 changes ...

OK, not that anybody cares about this (unless you're getting ready to move from 7.05 to 7.1) ... but another behavioral change in the new version is how it closes tabs ... or, not so much closes tabs, but behaves after it closes a tab. In the previous version, if you had eight tabs open, and closed #6, you would now be looking at #5 ... in the new version, if you close #6, you will now be looking at what had been #7, but was now the new #6. Again, not a "big deal", but it's distracting as it's "unexpected behavior" which keeps drawing my attention to it {note: again, this is probably TMI, but I typically have the same first five tabs open in my Netscape window, going from my LJ friends list to Google ... all other tabs that I open up are thereby after the Google tab, and I was used to that screen popping up when I'd close tab #6, no matter what I had following, so its not appearing when I have other tabs open is taking some getting used to!}.

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