BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Woot ... or something ...

Well, isn't that special ... I went and got me a new domain today ... only it was an OLD domain that had gone and expired somehow. I was happy that it was still available, since I really didn't want to expend the brain power necessary to find a "real groovy" URL for a sports nutrition thing.

Ah, yes ... Brendan is busy marketing those fine Unicity products! I discovered that they had gone and re-worked the old "front end" for the Ultimate Performance line so that we could, once again, direct folks to it. As devoted readers of this space know, I really hate to send folks off to a slash-slash-slash URL, preferring something that is simple, memorable, and related to the concept (oh, like my URL for our flagship BiosLife2 product), and I thought my old domain would be ideal for the Ultimate Performance line!

Plus ... as I have been wont to do of late ... I ran off to VistaPrint to order up some cards. I just love having cards handy to give folks if I'm yakking up one of the product lines (it saves me from having to scrawl out a URL on the back of something else, and they're more "catchy" too). I currently have them for the BSE Pad (at, Herbal Voltage and JavaLean (at, and the Lean Control diet program (at, and will probably be getting them for more things as time goes by.

What's great is that it only costs me $9.95 to pick up a domain (with free re-directing and e-mail forwarding) at and then (given a sale at VistaPrint ... of which there is pretty much always one going as an "e-mail special"), I can get 500 real sharp looking cards done up for $15-20 delivered ... so, going from "scrawl on a receipt" to "pretty promo" runs me under $30.00 ... I like that!

Now ... don't go trying to click on those things right now (Saturday night, 8/24), as the Unicity site seems to be down for maintenence and about half of my links aren't getting to where they need to go .... plus the DNS for Vitality-Vigor has not yet propogated for the new domain! However, if you're reading this later that the current moment I'm writing this, do go ahead and give them a click!

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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