BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Random Stuff ...

- I got to see Mars tonight. I was afraid that I was going to miss it, given the ambient light of Chicago, and the very hazy weather we have been having. Unfortunately, The Girls got to my telescope today (The Wife had moved it from its previoius "protected position" into a spot where they could, among other things, smear peanutbutter on it!), and I wasn't able to get it to focus on Mars with any actual magnification. Now that I know about when/where to look, I'll keep an eye out for it this week (and will hopefully get the telescope working again).

- I got one of those "Nigerian Letters" today which had a brand new feature ... they had taken the trouble of figuring out MY name and making up some "distant relative"'s name who had "recently died in a car crash" or some such. Clever. The only problem, of course, being that it was from NIGERIA, which by now should be a red flag to anybody with an e-mail account!

- I'm having a big fight over in the CFUU (Conservative Forum for Unitarian Universalists) Yahoo Group board ... I do NOT understand why foam-at-the-mouth "washed in the Blood of the Lamb" sort of Bible thumpers can even pretend to be Unitarian Universalists! Come on! First of all, Unitarianism is by definition "non-Trinitarian", so that whole Jesus thing sort of goes out the door, and Universalism is about "everybody gets saved in the end", so toeing the damn Fundy "only via Jesus" line is sort of pointless. I really WISH there were more non-Christian conservative models. Admittedly, most of the UUA are neo-Stalinist Castro butt-lickers, but to stand apart from our far-Left brethren saying "Hey, let's study up on the Constitution, OK?" does NOT mean we have to fall into a Ralph Reed jackboot trance! Bleh.

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