BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I am a Big Fat IDIOT!

Oh, wait ... that's supposedly Rush ... nevermind ...

OK ... so I've noted that I've been a bit disappointed with my progress so far on the Lean Control™ diet plan ... well, I discovered this morning that I had only been taking HALF of the AM/Noon packets! DOH! I had somehow gotten the impression that one took the AM/Noon packet either in the morning or at lunch ... what I discovered was that there were packets for BOTH times ... no wonder I wasn't taking off the weight like I'd anticipated!

I've always had a hard time with "instructions", since the stuff written for most folks somehow never makes much sense to me (when I was a kid, I'd always have my little brother play with a game first and then explain the rules in "Brendan think") ... and I had somehow equated an AM/Noon packet with there being ONE packet for that part of the day (after all, that slash means either/or, right?) ... it was only this morning when I went to get my pills for today that I noticed that there were a LOT of the AM/Noon packets left, and only a handful of the night ones.

So ... here I've been these first three weeks, taking only 2/3 of the fat blocker, only 2/3 of the carb blocker, and only 1/2 of the thermogenic ... I guess I'm not going to win anyting in the 90-day contest (unless I "cheat" by doing a lot of exercise to catch up ... like that's going to happen!), but it's nice to know that things should pick up!

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