BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

more promo cards ...

I don't kow what I'm going to do with all these cards once I get them all handy ... but I just ordered ANOTHER set from VistaPrint (hey, they're having a sale!) ... this time for my URL that redirects to the BiosLife2® "mini site", ... I'm surprised that VistaPrint has so little "health" or "diet" themed cards ... the one I got isn't the "prettiest" that I've done, it has a stethoscope in greytone on a grey card ... but I did "punch it up" with copy ... "Reduce cholesterol without drugs!" ... "BiosLife2 ... patented & proven!" ... and "Listed in the Physician's Desk Reference". I would have preferred something that looked "leafy" and "natural" (like the web site ... although I don't think the leafs pictured have anything to do with the product!), but the only thing that was close was a white card with a single Ginko leaf, which would have had me thinking of Ginko Biloba, and other stuff that has nothing to do with cholesterol reduction!

I should look into getting a little belt-clip thing for holding these ... after all, walking around with 10-12 of each of six or seven cards (aside from these I've got my "looking for work" cards, my "visit my poem site" cards, and a few others!) ends up as quite a stack of stuff, and having a thing on the belt would look slightly less geeky than the block of cards in the shirt/pants pocket!

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