BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

AOL jacking around LJ

Man ... I knew it wasn't my imagination! A couple of days ago I was posting a pic of myself from about 20 years ago in a response in ana's journal, and the damn pic WOULD NOT SHOW UP unless you clicked on a link pointing to it. Well, I guess it wasn't just ME, this discussion over in lj_dev goes into detail about how AOL is "blocking" requests.

This really is pissing me off ... it's not like AOL is some FREE hosting service! At the moment, they're my main ISP, and I should damn well be able to link to files in my FTP area there! I'm also pissed off about their spam filters ... now, don't get me wrong, I do like the fact that my AOL mail has been getting about 1/10th the spam that my regular mail has of late ... but they are blocking damn near EVERYTHING. For instance ... I have yet to get the acknowledgement of my previously-mentioned order from, NOR their weekly updates (which I had signed up for). I'd also had a number of folks tell me that they'd sent me stuff and I never saw it. THIS REALLY SUCKS since I've been using my AOL mail box as my MAIN contact point for my job search! I was bitching to an on-line tech there this afternoon about this, and they sent me some stuff about how to tweak the settings ... but I'm not sure how well that will work.

I know ... I know ... most folks would have left AOL ages ago ... but I do LIKE a lot of their "ambience", and, frankly, pretty much damn near ALL local ISPs in Chicago got sucked up by big companies (like the motherfuckers at Winstar), and shut down as far as dial-up and e-mail hosting was concerned (lord knows I tried finding a local replacement for when they evaporated into the Winstar maw a few years back!). My back-up ISP right now is AT&T which sucks shit too (you can't FTP or anything unless you're on their dial-up), and I'd be just as happy to scrap them for a nice responsive local operation, but as far as I can tell, there are NONE LEFT.

Bleh ... now I'm in a real pissy mood.

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