BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Stalin ... you know, the guy the Left really LOVES

I'd read this over in cierrablue's journal and dug up the actual link ... The maddest and most criminal of tyrants.

What is truly amazing is that the Left does not seem to care that Stalin was worse than any other tyrant, and that his policies were insane and destroyed Russia (and most of Asia and half of Europe). The tag "neo-Stalinist" is not used lightly, the people behind the "soccer mom Left" of the Klintons, etc., are HARD CORE believers in the sort of state that Stalin personified. Think about that the next time you want to cut a check to a Dean or a Kerry ... think about what sort of philosophies lie behind the sort of "white washed leftism" these guys spew.

Stalinism isn't dead ... it ferments in the festering core of Hillary Clinton, it is the banner of the so-called "anti-war movement", it strikes in the lunatic spasms of groups like ELF, ALF, and PETA. As Ann Coulter brilliantly shows in her magnificent book Treason, the Stalinist forces widely infiltrated the Press, Academia, Hollywood, and the Congress, and then made the only man standing up to them, Joe McCarthy, some sort of Bogey-man for speaking the TRUTH ... leading to the current state of affairs of having one "pro-American" party and one "anti-American" party.

Think about this. Think very, very hard.

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