BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More fun from Mr. Hoagland!

Yay! Richard Hoagland finally puts something interesting up at! For months all he's posted has been various grousing about NASA in the wake of the shuttle disaster. Dick ... let me clue you in ... nobody reads your site for the NASA finger-pointing ... unless you're giving up details about the "Osirian Cult" running the space program!

Anyway, there's a new piece, The Light Finally Dawns at Cydonia, which has new pictures of "the face" and other "monuments" on the Cydonian plain. Now, to be perfectly frank, I feel that Hoagland & Co. are a bit off the deep end on some of their "analysis" of what various blurry pixels might be showing in highly-enhance pictures; but where I might find the details of their argument "over-enthusiastic", I feel that some of their core hypotheses need to be considered.

Folks who have not delved deeply into the Hoagland site might not be aware that Cydonia is not his only obsession, and finding "glass structures" elsewhere on Mars, and on the Moon (and perhaps on various asteroids, etc.), figures in extensively. So, the current argument about "reflective artificial surfaces" does not come out of some previously-unattented "left field", although I'm surprised that he didn't run off to find a picture of morning light reflecting off of the glass pyramids at the Louvre to use as a "terrestrial example" of what he's now pitching for "the face".

I do hope that one of these days one of the Mars programs will drop a rover down in Cydonia so we can see this stuff up-close and personal. Of course, it would be very very cool if Mr. Hoagland's theories are correct and what we'll find are big glass buildings full of the secrets of a Martian society long gone to dust. It would be so disappointing to only find big piles of sand!

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