BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


Geez ... I guess that's what we get for pulling her out a couple of days early for Summer vacation (her day camp started two weeks before her school let out, so we were eager to get her switched over)! It turns out that Daughter #1 ended up last year as PRINCIPAL'S SCHOLAR! This is the highest level (above Honor Roll) of academic achievement at her school ... she got the award for the first and fourth quarters and the average put her up there for the whole year! Now I really have something to lean on her about when it comes to her writing ... which was the only "B" that was creeping in on her report card (and knocking her down to Honor Roll the middle two terms)! They sent home today all the assorted paperwork that we didn't get that last week of 1st Grade ... including both the 4th Quarter and Year's certificates for Principal's Scholar!

Can anybody tell I'm in "proud papa" mode?

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