BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

a question for regular EBAY users ...

Hey, I'm hoping that somebody here can help me out with this ...

I'm relatively new to EBAY and have just hit a situation that I'm not sure how to handle. On Monday I "won" an auction for some Pokemon cards for my elder daughter. The seller (who was "new", i.e. had zero feedback and had just registered a couple of weeks ago) had not listed a shipping price on the auction, and I have been waiting for the "total with shipping" to pay for the cards. I have e-mailed the seller twice, and also used the "request total" link on the auction page ... but have not as yet had ANY response. I even weighed a similar number of cards on a postage scale here, added an appropriate box, came up with a shipping weight, then plugged that into the Post Office's calculator to come up with what it would cost to send it Priority Mail from their zip code to mine, and included this figure in my various e-mails.

In all my previous EBAY experiences, I have had very speedy responses to winning bids. I don't know if the lag is due to the seller being "new", or if the seller had no intent of actually completing the sale. The description of the item (see here) is fairly vague for the category, and while the winning bid is in line for what I've been paying "per card", it could be quite low for what is being described (i.e., given the number of "star" cards), which makes me think that possibly the seller had been expecting to get a LOT more money for the auction and is now "ducking me" to try to not have to complete the sale. Needless to say, I'm hesitant to send a PayPal payment for the product, and be left "holding the bag" for the shipping.

What do I do? Just keep waiting for a response?

I'm a bit afraid to use any of the "open forum" sorts of things there as my sense is that one makes oneself a "target" for scammers and account hackers if one starts asking around about this sort of stuff there. Anybody have any suggestions for me?

thanks ...

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